ISA Certified Arborist


All of our firewood is hardwood and has been seasoned for at least seven months. It is a mixture of Oak, Hackberry, Ash, Locust, Mulberry, Elm, and hard Maple. All of our firewood is ready to burn! It's great for recreation, camping, or heating your home. Our firewood is environmentally friendly — we only sell firewood from trees that we cut down or trim at the request of our customers due to storm damage or remodeling. We never cut down trees just for firewood!

We no longer deliver firewood. The following is available for pickup.

U-Pick Up Firewood Pricing: $125 per Rick
Pick up your firewood directly from our Villa Grove firewood storage lot. Call ahead to schedule a pickup time. Call for details!

Specialty Woods:
- Wild Cherry, Linden, and Pear wood can be purchased in bundles for added scent to any fire. Great around the holidays and special occasions.
- Cost: $165per rick.

- Apple and Hickory wood can be purchased in bundles for those wanting to add some flavor to their BBQ.
- Cost: $165 per rick.

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